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Nora, lead consultant at Podd Consulting, is unquiely placed in Northern Ireland as one of the few operationally experienced hospitality business mentors with a succesful track record in hotel management,  transformational change with sales and marketing expertise.

Nora has over 20 years experience in growing and managing hospitality businesses, with particular experience in enhancing the experience of all - employees, owners and customers. Since establishing her consultancy business in 2019, Nora has worked with a wide range of organisations and partners to deliver strategic business planning, mentoring, training and digital innovation.


In a world where recruitment is becoming more challenging it is vital that you seek to develop and inprove your Employee Experience.

Now, more than ever, how you attract new talent, how you onboard new employees and how you lead and manage your teams is vital to retaining and developing a skilled workforce. We can support you to implement workforce management structures to help your business, and your people, perform well.
restaurant cafe and hotel operations


We can provide expert advice on how to streamline and improve your business operations, with practical advice, digital solutions and training support.

As consumers have ever higher expectations of good customer service, it is vital to ensure the right systems and processes are in place to help your teams to deliver a quality customer experience everytime. Through digital innovation, streamlining activities and identifying and solving challenges, team members can focus on creating an excellent CX for all guests.


To develop a more robust business we can help you to embrace opportunity, set goals and road map the way to success.

Whether you wish to develop a full business plan for your new idea, seek ways to enhance your business growth or shape a new sales and marketing strategy we can provide you with the tools, resources and actions plans.  We can provide a range of services including workforce management strategy, feasibility studies, evaluation reports, training frameworks, customer experience reviews and reputation management plans.
development and delivery of great customer experiences
restaurant cafe and hotel operations


You have the vision, you have the plan, now you and your team need to deliver great customer experiences everytime.

How do we make sure we deliver consistent service for our customers and users? By setting standards, training the team, engaging with customer feedback and measuring success. We can help you take the necessary steps to deliver exceptional service, strengthen your team skills and as a result, deliver improved business performance for the future.

Client Testimonials

Adrienne Hanna, Founder and CEO Right Revenue

I have had the pleasure of working with Nora from 2012 and she is one of the most strategic thinkers I have ever met. Nora is passionate about the hospitality , demonstrated by her deep knowledge and understanding of every department. Nora sets the bar high with any team through coaching, mentoring and a high level of training. Her focus remains on delivering excellence for the customer but understands that is only achieved if your team are invested in your business.


Evan Morton, Concept Advertising & Design

With her extensive experience and marketing knowledge, it was extremely beneficial to have Nora as ‘another pair of eyes’ looking at the business from the outside. We quickly built up a level of trust as progress was made on developing a new brand for Concept Advertising and revamping the company’s marketing collateral. A sales and marketing strategy was also developed with valuable guidance from Nora.


Ainin Ui Chaiside, Voluntary Director Aonach Mhacha

I had the pleasure of working with Nora in my role as voluntary director of Aonach Mhacha through business support provided by ABC Council. I cannot reccommend her highly enough, having worked in education or the community sector all my life I was a complete novice to the idea of business planning and development, however Nora is able to apply her vast expertise and experience to any kind of organisation, by implement internal policies and operational procedures to give any business the best possible start.


Liam McArdle, Liam McArdle Photography

Nora is a great mentor – engaging, enthusiastic and patient. Her knowledge, sense of humour, and ideas for developing my business were all excellent. I now have a clear action plan with key dates and targets to enable to my business revenues to grow and I now have the know-how to develop and deliver an excellent digital and traditional marketing plan.


Brands we have worked with

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