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Business & Mentoring Support

One to one mentoring and business support

Working hand and hand with you to support your people, to improve and develop your operational standards and to help deliver results for your business. We provide a full service for a monthly fee to give you the benefit of our experience in all areas of managing your business. We will help you grow your sales, reduce your costs, improve your customer feedback, develop your team and to improve your bottom line.

  • Full audit of your business covering all areas
  • Full report on how to improve your business in key areas
  • How to deliver results – both financial and reputational
  • Monthly training for your team – in all areas of the business
  • Ongoing monthly support in all business areas
  • Assessment of results on a quarterly basis
  • Assistance and advice on applying for grant funding for your business

Assessment of ICT systems and advice on how to improve your use of technology to give your team the tools to do the job and to improve your business. Alternatively if you have a particular challenging issue we can develop a plan to help you overcome the problem and grow and develop your business in doing so. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.